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The Frivolten Society c/o Granath,
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Welcome to The Frivolten society in Sweden

FRIVOLTEN is a non-profit, non-political and religiously untied association with the aim of creating one or more low radiation areas in the southern part of the province of Hälsingland, Sweden, (see here for a map) for people who are hypersensitive to electric and magnetic fields from cell phones etc.

In the desired areas it will be possible to live permanently in flats or houses as well as temporarily in huts, caravans or tents.

The origin of Frivolten was a EU supported pilot study that Ing-Marie Granath carried out between Nov 2003 and May 2004.
The Frivolten society was founded in June 2004.
It has now about 200 members (households) who are interested in living in a low radiation area.


The intended areas will give possibility to those who are hypersensitive to EMF to live a normal life to the utmost possible extent - that now is impossible to them due to the fast development of new techniques.

As hypersensitive people do not form a homogenous group there have to be different kinds of housing and facilities within the areas.
Comprehensive plans have been made covering, to the best of our belief, all aspects of life.

Any questions? Contact us at iffrivolten@hotmail.com
It may take some time before you will get any answer.

map of Sveden